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the most shocking moment in gbbo history, tbh

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What Joker has been trying to do for years, Hal Jordan accomplishes through sheer incompetence: making Batman laugh.

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no okay but seriously what the hell was Batman + Robin #34 it was so stilted and awkward and why was taking their masks off treated like such a big deal and why is Tim so freaking tall have these guys seriously not seen each other since dotf that was like a year a half ago and then DICK TURNED UP AND I WANTED TO CRY and Luthor is gross and I just no.



who would have thought anyone would get sick of Rich White Man Saves the World: the sequel

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(Some of the) MCU cast take on the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS.

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I saw my Italian relatives today (they’re English, but live in Italy)  and my 9 year old cousin found out I like Doctor Who and was asking me loads and loads of questions and was getting really excited that I knew the Daleks are from Skaro or the 4th doctor is Tom Baker and just stuff like that. Then I said about River being Amy’s daughter and he hadn’t realised/worked it out/seen that episode and he just freaked out and starting shouting it at my auntie and it made me really happy to see someone get THAT excited about Doctor Who again because I have been for a long time

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why is the mom telling her daughter she’s ready to shave?

why is the mom calling her daughter mom

maybe they are each other’s moms

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when you lose your phone in the blanket and you just image

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Tom Hiddleston in Exhibition x

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In which I am Tim Drake.

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"if people were rain then i was a drizzle and she was a sharknado"



Let’s face it, if Marvel owned Wonder Woman she’d have two movies by now.

Yeah, just like Black Widow and Captain Marvel right ? :)

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Young Avengers #13

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Fantastic Breasts and Where to Find Them

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