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i literally procrastinate talking to my friends like it hits me “oh shit i havent talked to that friend in a while” and im like “yeah ill have to do that later” and then i dont

then i feel really guilty about it and [AVOIDANCE INTENSIFIES]

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'Coalition Government Colouring and Activity Book' - Tom Pride 

this is beautiful

Get your printer on parents, I’ve got some fun activities for the little’ns.

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DD > Didio

literally why we can’t have nice things

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Another fan art piece, since they seem to be popular lately. This is a work in progress, I need to work on the colors some more as I’m not completely satisfied. The blue looks absolutely radioactive, need to tone it down somehow. Anywoo…

So, for people not into Marvel comic book dom, this is Magneto and his family on a road trip because why the hell not. Characters included: Magneto (with hair, I was debating whether to give him the bald look) Polaris, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Wiccan, Speed and Luna. I’ve never seen an image of the whole family together, usually Polaris and Luna are left out of the family pics, so wanted to try my hand at this. 

Yay, the whole family!

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Favorite Femmeslash Ships → Carol Danvers and Jessica Drew
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the sound of teenage girls laughing near you when you’re by yourself is literally the most terrifying thing a person can experience

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Do you ever just meet one person

and at first it is awkward

then you start talking

and its like

“holy crap where have you been all my life”

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ok but just this once

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A one-line summary of the last seventy-five years of the Batman franchise.

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people asking me what kind of music i like is such a stressful experience


who died and made you batman? wait. oh shit. dude i’m so sorry.

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Not strictly The Flash related, but how amazing does Colton Haynes look in his Arsenal costume?!


Disney’s The Jungle Book cast so far: Neel Sethi as Mowgli, Ben Kingsley as the voice of Bagheera, Lupita Nyong’o as the voice of Rakcha, Scarlett Johansson as the voice of Kaa and Idris Elba as the voice of Shere Khan (x x x x)


And not only is the cast amazing, but the film is going to be a mixture of live-action and animation (a-la Mary Poppins). Neel Seth (Mowgli),is going to be the only live-action actor and everyone else’s characters will be animated AND I COULD NOT BE MORE EXCITED.

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Comic Meme> [1/5] Favorite Males

    Quentin Quire//Kid Omega

"How the hell do you not know me? Come on, my name was trending on twitter not two week ago! i got a stern warning from Captain America himself!"

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